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So you were brave enough to come see all of my old art. Well, here it is :)

A attempt at coloring on construction paper (July, 98)

My first try at 'realism' for the TMNT (June 98)

Michaelangelo, prepared for battle
This has got to be one of my favorite pics that I've done, pencil(Sept, 98)

Just...Donnie standing there...looking like himself, pencil (June, 98)

Really old, a study of some of the different 'forms' of Don, markers (Dec, 97)

A scene from the second movie, color pencil (August, 98)

Uhm...I had to throw Venus in here somewhere.. (August, 98)

A buff version of what I think a 'Warlord' should look like, color pencil (July, 98)

Well, I'll be replacing this one soon, ths isn't April as you'd usually see her. (August, 98)

Whooo...aheh, another one of those weird one, she's either raising some mighty powerful engery...or she's got the fan turned on high. (Oct 98)

Actually..I just traced something I did a long time ago and recolored it, I think I originally drew this one in 95 (May, 99)

Another attempt at coloring on construction paper, this one came out a bit better though.(July, 98)

This one is REALLY ancient, but still one of my fave's (July, 98)

The Guys on a Surfboard!
'Where'did I dig this one up from? I don't know... (Feb, 95)

All Four Ninja Turtles
I admit it, I copied it from the back of a trading card ;) (May, 95)

The four turtles, with a different twist..
What would have happened if the guys hadn't been...well..guys? Meet Elle, Angel, Donna and Leah. thanks to TalonMC for the names (May, 99)

Donatello, drawing
The previous header for this page :)(July, 98)

Mikey and a Foot Soldier
Since I'm dragging out old pics... Go Mikey!!(July, 98)

Donatello and his Toaster
*giggles* The toaster may not survive this one(August, 99)

Just a shot at computer coloring, it turned out pretty nice :) Even tho I don't care for the drawing *too* too much (December, 99)

Mikey done with Color Pencils on black construction paper. But I had to do alot of lightening, and the background looked a little brown, so I airbrushed it in with photoshop. The orginal is here. Hmm..he looks ticked, maybe the pizza guy is late again ;)(December, 99)

I found a few old pics I'd done for Lunara and had forgetton about. These are the two decent ones, from that time period at least(Sept, 98)

I'm not afraid to put my old art up here! Really! I'm not! *pulls a paper bag over her head*(Sept, 99)

Just a real little, really crummy sketch, but I feel so bad, neglecting this page, that I tried scraping up EVERYTHING I've done recently, please scroll down a bit for better art :)(Jan, 00)

Cute :) I was going to try to use this to make an image map when I redecorate this place, but I decided..naaaah ;)(Jan, 00)

Of the Fogu variety(Feb, 00)

Wheee! It's the first time I've drawn myself in over a year! Yay! She's cute tho :)(March, 00)

Done in Photoshop, the background I stole from an old RoseArt play-doh set, then I tried to make Raph look like he blengs in the picture, it actually came out really neat!(March, 00)

Mona Lisa
Not the Mona from the Cartoons, Mona as she is found on IRC ;) I asked her if I could draw her because her character just looked so cool!(March, 00)

I promised I draw her a pic of her, and this was my little practice pic, done from memory. Color Pencil. There's a way better one below..(March, 00)

Micansana Dini<br>She wanted to look like a boy, so I tried!(March, 00)

Picture for TurtleNinja, I'm goin to try to color this, but she wanted her to have long fur, and I just wanted a copy of the pencils before I went ahead and tried to color it.(March, 00)

TurtleNinja Charges!
The big cool photoshop picture I promised TN! It came out awesomely too!(March, 00)

Meeki asked me to draw her character, so uuhm...I did!(April, 00)

Nezumi Colored
Aaaand..I colored it, yay ;)(April, 00)

Meeki as the Shadow Lady
Old picture I did for Meeki that I dug up..(November, 99)

Donatello in a Sewer
Expimenting with the smudge tool on Photoshop! Fuuuun...(May, 00)

Same kinda style as the Donatello above. I'd been being bugged about not doing enough Leo ;)(May, 00)

Donatello Sketch
For my new 'super' webpage,'ll see ;) It actually looks more like Leo in the sketch, but I'll fix that when I color :)(June, 00)

Not my idea! ;D Someone asked me to draw the son of Raphael and Ninjara for them, so I uh...did.(August, 00)

A turtle blinking first animation, without benefit of line testest, peg bar, light desk, knowledge, ect.. ;D It's pretty old, but I figured, what the hey ;D(Feb, 99)

Mikey Blinking
Look, I colored it ;P(Feb, 99)

Don't mess with Raph
I liiiiiike this image, in fact, I've been using it as my desktop background for quite sometime now..eee! It's cute ;D(June, 00)

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