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Welcome to my small insignifigant in the way of the net TMNT page :D If you've stumbled across this site sometime before you'll noticed that now it's moved and certain things like the Ninja turtle Price guide have been cut out of it for it's own good. If you're looking fr Ninja turtle goodies.. You've almsot come to the right place though, since I will be displaying all of my TMNT artwork here for public viewing. ^^

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Page opened on May 16, 1997

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters are property of Mirage studios. This site is intended for fun and does not wish to infringe on anyones rights 'k? All artwork, head graphics and whatnot are Michelle Latta. The little turtle icons are all Mirages, but I did play with them to make them look better, so please don't swipe'm..thanks!

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