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OK in an effort to keep things straight in my mind, as well as keep visitors updated, I've created this What's New section. Interesting, no? Not that many things 'are' new in here, fossilization happens quicker then updates it seems ;)

March 13, 2003
I moved the old site here and tweaked it around a bit. This site is now hosted on my main site. www.tenthplanetart.com I also added a bunch of new TMNT Fanart I've been doing but have been too lazy o post lately.

August 22, 2000
I..updated? The sky is faaaaalling!!! Letse, I added a frooked up animation I did..like... Oh dang. Lets just say I sucked then. And a colored version. And two other pics, hope err...someone still comes to see my page to see this! ;D

June 24, 2000
Wow! An update a month! I'm getting better at thiiiis! One ..little..piddly sketch by me in the Fanart section. And tons of new art by Chipette! It all looks fabulous so go see!

May 31, 2000
Whee.I did five new pictures in Fanart, changed the front graphic...isn't Donnie Cute! And I'm working on getting my links page together...got a link you want up? Bug me about it...! Please? ;)

March 27, 2000
I have four new Fanart pictures up! changed my beginning speil a little bit. Oooh..forgot to mention last time, got rid of those annoying lil Java showflakes ;) I'm actually working on a new site design, even moving it..not like it will be much of a chore, there isn't alot to move! Oh, and in case no one's notice (I feel safe in knowing I won't be buried in them, cause no one knows I'm doing this) I've been doing free commissions for people round here :)Uhhm...ask away..

March 10, 2000
I wonder why I update anymore, no one comes! But that's because I never update...hmmm....vicious cycle ;) Anyway I put up Eight new fan-pics from me, two of which aren't new, I just found them and stuck them up there :p Scroll down for the good stuff! The bottom three in particular!

December 14, 1999
Slowly but surely... Updates are moving along, heh. There's a new pic by Chipette, a new graphic on the front page, and I added something to the Fun Stuff page! Maybe I should rename that miscellaneous ;)

December 11, 1999
Two new pics by me! A pic by a 'other-fandom' friend, uuhm...and snowflakes...yeah... ;)

July 1, 1999
Two more pics by Chipette, I rearaanged my pics a bit, changed the head pic...isn't Elle just...full of cuteness? I'm sure Raph would be horrified if he saw that ;)

June 28, 1999
New artist Alert!! And BOY is she good! Meet Chipette...and her awesome pic of the TMNT posed in front of the moon!

June 1, 1999
Whooboy..it HAS been a long time since I last updated, I've been so busy working on joint pages, I'd forgotten all about my 'personal' page. Oh well...anyway, there lots of new Fanart..and that's about it, for now ;)

November 30, 1998
Okay, a few quick updates to the price guide. "Games and Puzzles", "Glasses and Tableware", "Holiday", and "Household Items." Yes, I *do* plan on updating something besides the price guide, but not until it's finished :)

November 19, 1998
YES!! She is alive and making updates. I've been busy with alot of stuff lately but I'm here to do a little fixing up. I updated the Collectible Price Guide. "Cothing, Costumes and Masks", "Food", and "Fast Food Toy's" are now up. I did a little tweaking here and there, but you probably won't notice anything different. If you are interested in what I've been doing or are interested in the Mighty Ducks, come visit The Official #Mighty_Ducks Homepage A joint project, between Seline, Luna and I

November 2, 1998
Lessee, more updates, I took down my Halloween decorations, but I left the background up just because I think it looks cool. And I added 4 more sections to the collectible price guide, "Turtle Force and Pizza Point Premiums", "Artistic Items", "Bath, Health, and Grooming",and "Buttons, Pins, and Jewelry."

October 28, 1998
If no one noticed, I created a collectible price guide. Since the TMNT Collectible Universe is huge, I'll be doing it in stages. Today I updated it with "Playmates Toys" and "Vehicles and Equipment" I also changed the look of my front page a little, Oooh, and I added this page :) Look for a picture of a real Kappa (Water Demon) on the Funstuff page. That's all for now.

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