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My little Mikey here indicates when something is new Art is in descending order. My pre-2001 tmnt art is here and is in no particular order. But feel free to go there and poke around :)

The Turtles...

More in practising in class. I got a fairly decent sized piece of bristol passed out to me in class to practice on so I picked my favorite subject to doodle :)

Chibi Raph gets in Trouble!
So teeth rottingly cute!

Leonardo in a Cave
Well, I can't think of any other explanation for the background.

One day I'll make a background to go with this.

Pre-Teenage Donatello
Wasn't he an adorable geeky little Ninja? ;D

My Characters...

Sidhe Turtle
I remember when I first made Cali of having this vague idea of her being able to gain the illusion of turtle form. And have on several occaisions tried to come up with a decent design for this. In the end, I decided to just give up and draw a girly turtle for the fun of it.

Caliosidhe '02
My most recent attempt to draw Caliosidhe, with a bit of a re-design to her clothing.

Drawings for Others..

Raphael and Kali
Kali is someone else I saw on the board and decided to both suprise her, and practice inking with a brush and other random inking tools.

A quick color pencil pic I did in my friend Emilie's sketchbook.

I met Jephael on the Technodrome board and he requested that I draw his character.

Turtle Ninja (Pencil)
The line art for a pic I did for Turtle Ninja. Lookie, it's a girly tmnt without shellboobs :D

Present for Kameko/Emerald.

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